Snoring occurs when soft tissues in the throat area relax during sleep, partially blocking airways and vibrating with the passage of air. It’s this vibration that causes that distinctive snoring sound. If you’re one of the millions of people who snore, you know how those nocturnal noises can interfere with your peaceful sleep and the sleep of those around you.

Your body responds by waking every time you need to begin breathing properly again, often causing you to choke or gasp for breath. This cycle can repeat dozens of times per hour. While you may think you’ve slept through the night, you have never gotten the deep sleep your body needs to restore itself mentally and physically.

The first step in determining if sleep apnea is affecting your life will be a simple screening questionnaire, along with a review of your medical history and an oral exam at our Dalton dental office. If you receive a positive result from this exam, we will coordinate with a board-certified sleep physician for you to undergo a home sleep study.

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